CityU Students Completed University of Porto Portuguese Language Summer Program

From 1st to 26th July , CityU students attended a four-week Portuguese Language Summer Courses at University of Porto in Portugal and all of them gained a lot of wonderful experiences.


A group of 19 students from a variety of bachelor's, master's and doctoral programs of CityU set off for Porto, by accompanying with Prof. LEOU Chia-hsin, the Assistant Professor from the Institute of Research on Portuguese-speaking Countries. Each summer, students from all over the world come to the University of Porto to study Portuguese and its culture. In order to let students from CityU for the first time to participate in the summer study at the University of Porto, they have arranged special classes that equipped with excellent teachers.


With the help of the chaperone teacher, the young students quickly get familiar with the campus, the surrounding environment of the dormitory, the public transportation, and the various life functions of the city. Students from different faculties and courses soon got familiar with each other and became good partners in their studies and lives. Students were very excited to be living in a beautiful tourist city for the next few weeks, and they took lots of pictures in different parts of the city to share their learning experiences with their families and friends.


The students shared their impressions at the end of the program. They still remembered that the first moment they arrived in Portugal, they felt they were in a totally different language environment. However, with the help of the teachers with their patience and systematically step-by-step guidance, the students all had a profound experience. Except the learning of Portuguese ability in listening, speaking, reading and writing, the University of Porto also arranged a series of world heritage outdoor experiential learning activities, including the walk in historical city Porto, a cruise to the "Alto Douro Wine Region", a visit to the world heritage " Sanctuary of Bom Jesus do Monte in Braga" and so on. During the time outside the classroom, students actively seized the opportunity in the environment of foreign language study lives. By trying their best to communicate with local people, students gained a huge courage and confidence. Students said this exchange trip was a rewarding experience which benefited them a lot.

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