Acceptance Announcement: Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman 19/20 Academic Year Second Semester Student Exchange Program



Global Exchange Office have received 8 undergraduate applications for this exchange program. The selection process is divided into two parts, materials review and interview. The evaluation and assessment are based on the criteria of relevance of academic background and merit, motivation and study plan described in personal statement, personal CV, language skills and etc.


According to the scores of the two parts of selection, the following two students were finally confirmed to be the undergraduate candidates nominated to take part in the Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) exchange program:







Faculty of Business




Faculty of Business




Thank you for your attention!


Global Exchange Office 

15 November 2019



Exchange Period:Second semester of 2019/2020 Academic Year

(Starts from 13 Jan to 24 May 2020)


Enrollment TargetsApplication will be open for all bachelor students from Faculty of Business and Faculty of Finance and  year one master student from Faculty of Business. 2 students will be selected for the exchange program.


Application Period:Until 24:00 on 11 November 2019


Application Method

Students have to send the following materials to Global Exchange Office through email: for initial reviews:


  1. “City University of Macau Exchange Students Application Form” (Please click and download)
  2. Transcripts of City University of Macau (Students can provide the screenshot from iCan and the students name should be included)
  3. Personal CV (English)
  4. Study Plan (English) with 800 words maximum
  5. English Proficiency Test Certificate (if applicable)


Program Introduction

Exchange Student Handbook 2020-2021

UTAR SEP Information Sheet

UTAR at a Glance


Academic Programs in UTAR

*Its is suggested student take the relevant courses that matched with CityU in order to transfer credits. The courses add/drop will be assisted by Faculty General Office of UTAR after arrival.



Off-campus Housing expense is from MYR 290 to 850 and the accommodation fee should be paid by the students. Please refer to page 9 of the Exchange Student Handbook.



The selected exchange students only need to pay CityU tuition fee and do not need to pay the UTAR tuition fee.

Selection Method

All the application materials need to be submitted to and reviewed Global Exchange Office. Interview will be arranged depending on the number of applications. 



Global Exchange Office will announce the enrollment result on 13 November 2019 and the selected students will receive email confirmation.


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