Open for Application: University of Alberta (UA), Canada –English Language and Culture Seminar (ELCS) 13 July to 5 August 2018

Place: Edmonton, Canada

Program Dates: 13 July to 5 August 2018 - Total 3 weeks


Eligibility: Application will be open for all CityU students. Students must have basic English skills. The final selection of candidates will be made according to the principle of best candidates' selection.

Application Period: 

*The Second Call for Application is now over. GEO has sent the confirmation of acceptance and application fee payment method by email to those who have been successfully accepted.


Program Outline: English Classes + Extracurricular Activities + Rockies Trip – Please refer to UA ELCS Curriculum

Accommodation: Homestay accommodation.



Method 1: Apply Online(Please Click)(Recommended) 

Method 2: Download application form (Please Click) from GEO website and send the completed form to GEO email: (Please indicate the Program Name + Student Name + Student Number).


GEO will send a confirmation notice by email or by call to those who have successfully applied after application deadline. The payment method and the submission of related documents will be informed by email afterwards.


Program Fees:




Program Fee*


Including tuition, accommodation, part of activity program and etc.






Estimated. Need to be applied by students.


(from HK)


Air ticket shall be purchased by students themselves (Chaperone's flight information will be provided when available)



Estimated. Macau-HK Airport roundtrip.



Application Fee shall be paid upon notice of admission. No refunds or exchanges to another applicant will be accepted.

*Fees to be paid: About MOP19,498.5; Total Expenses: About MOP30,699.5

Certificates and Awards:

1. A certificate of completion and program transcript will be issued;

2. When the number of applicants reach 10 or above, the best three students with the highest overall performance will be awarded with 3000HKD, 2000HKD and 1000HKD respectively.


University of Alberta English Language & Cultural Seminar Introduction