Introduction - Office of Global Affairs

Welcome to Office of Global Affairs 


Office of Global Affairs of City University of Macau is devoted to building collaborative relationships with international and mainland China Higher Education Institutions by implementing exchange activities on students, teachers and academic levels. CityU has placed strong emphasis and effort in broadening our students’ spectrum globally and nurturing their ability in adapting into multi-culture society. Furthermore CityU also focuses on collaborating with Universities from mainland China in educating globalized professional talents. CityU has signed Memorandum of Understanding and strategic agreements with a wide range of universities and organizations both internationally and domestically. CityU’s Global Exchange Programs offer you great opportunities to study overseas at our partner universities in Asia, Europe and North-America for short-term sessions.

Study a foreign language  Most of our partner universities teach in English, therefore you are not required to speak the language of the host country. Generally an English test is applied upon your arrival, then you will be placed into the right level of English class. There is also opportunities to learn another  language in Non-English speaking countries, e.g. Portugal, TImor-Leste.


Office of Global Affairs’ main role is to develop internationalized academic exchanges and establish global networks with Higher Institutions and Education Department committees. City University of Macau currently has exchange agreements with over 10 Institutions and organizations internationally, and  extensively with Mainland China Higher Institutions.  The areas of exchange involve students, staffs, faculties, academic conference and joint research.  OGA’s role is to forge sustainable relationships and maintain networks with our partner institutions; develop exchange achievements by promoting, conducting and liaising delegation visits and exchange programs globally. 

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