ERASMUS+ KA171 International Credit Mobility - UMOVE(ME) - OPEN CALL

  1. UMOVE(ME) - International Credit Mobility

UMOVE(ME) is the institutional project of UMinho under ICM, which allows UMinho to receive/send students, teaching and non-teaching staff from/to several partner countries.


  1. General Eligibility Criteria
  • For Doctorate Studies: students must have completed at least one year of studies and already have a research project.


  • Teaching and non-teaching Staff: must have a contractual relationship with UMinho or a partner HEI in order to be eligible to apply for a scholarship. There are two types of mobilities:
    Teaching mobilities: an activity that allows teaching staff to teach in a partner HEI abroad. Mobility of teaching staff can occur in any common area of study/academic discipline and should last for a minimum period of five (5) days and involve at least eight (8) hours of teaching.
    Training mobilities: an activity that supports the professional development of teaching and non-teaching staff through training events abroad (excluding conferences) and periods of job shadowing/observation/training at a partner HEI. Given that the funding allocated to this last type of mobility is smaller when compared to teaching periods, in the case of UMinho, priority will be given to training periods involving non-teaching staff.


  1. Types and duration of the scholarships/grants

Types of mobility



3 months

Teaching and non-Teaching Staff

5 days


  1. Financial Support

UMOVE(ME) provides the following financial support to the grant holders:

Stay Allowance

STUDENTS mobility (SMS)

Mobility periods: 3 months (the beginning of the mobilities will be February 2025 or September 2025)

From the partner countries to UMinho: 850 EUR/month

STAFF mobility (STA / STT)

Mobility periods: 5 days + 2 travel days (In the case of Teaching and non-teaching staff, periods of mobility may start at any time after September 2024 and whenever all required documents (work plan, visa, travel and insurance) are properly processed. All mobilities need to take place until July 2025)

The per diem amount:

From the partner countries to UMinho: 160 EUR/day



  1. Application Preparation

In the preparation phase of the application, the candidate must follow the steps mentioned below:

1. Carefully read the application instructions;

2. Verify that you meet all eligibility criteria;

3. Make sure that you master the language of the course or the working language of the host HEI;

4. Ensure that you have the required academic/professional background in terms of areas of study/work;

5. Collect all the information and documents necessary to submit your application;

6. Ensure that the project proposal is objective and specific about its methodology and feasibility, impact and benefits as well as the ability to achieve project objectives within the deadline established by the duration of the grant;

7. Make sure that the motivation presented in the application regarding the benefits of mobility and the expected outcomes is clear.




  1. Application documents required:

Please refer to here. (Please note that the application will only be considered complete when all the required documents are uploaded.)

        For student place, please fill in this form here and send in your application on/before 13th May. 


  1. Related Information

International Credit Mobility (ICM) (

ICM_documents (


  1.  Selection

Office of Global Affairs will be responsible to review and evaluate the application materials submitted by the applicants, based on the following criteria:

  1. Academic background and merit
  2. Relevance of academic background, motivation and study plan described in personal statement
  3. Personal CV
  4. Language skills
  5. Interview 

Office of Global Affairs will announce the enrollment result on mid-May 2024. The selected students need to complete the online application procedures on UMinho website following the instructions upon receiving the email confirmation.


  1. Information and Support

Office of Global Affairs, City University of Macau


Tel: +853 85902719


International Relations Office, University of Minho