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ERASMUS+ International Credit Mobility UALG ALLIANCES 2018


Call for Application – Administrative Staff


The call for submission of applications for administrative staff is open. All relevant information is available on:


All applications must be submitted online until 11st April, 2019, using the application form provided on the link:


*Please carefully read the application instructions before starting your application:


Tutorial Application form UALG ALLIANCES



The UALG ALLIANCES 2018 Partnership

The UALG ALLIANCES 2018 project, coordinated by Universidade do Algarve in the framework of the European Programme Erasmus+ – Key Action 1 International Credit Mobility, supports mobility of students and academic and administrative staff from an institution in Portugal (Universidade do Algarve) and in Partner Countries, in both directions, IN and OUT.


The UALG has developed a roadmap called “UALG ALLIANCES 2018”; targeting to create, develop channels and tools with institutions around the world on our main pillar areas: Tourism, Sea, Cultural heritage and Health and Wellbeing. The countries considered as a priority are from emerging economies, Ibero-America region, transitional emerging economies, Portuguese speaking countries and neighbour countries.


Through the exchange of staff (teaching and training) and students, this mobility project will promote the international circulation of idea, improve human capacities, integrate high quality programs and globally recognized courses, thereby contributing to their internationalization for excellence and transfer expertise.


Types and Duration of the Scholarships/ Grants

Types of mobility available


Administrative Staff

5 days of training + 2 days travel


Available Scholarships/ Grants*


Administrative Staff

From Macao to UAlgarve


From UAlgave to Macao



*The quotas are to be shared among three partner universities in Macao. The principle of best candidates’ selection will be applied as well as a balanced distribution among partners.


Financial Support

The UALG ALLIANCES 2018 project provides the following financial support to the grant holders:

A) Stay

STAFF mobility

Mobility periods: 5 days + 2 travel days

The per diem amount:

From UAlgarve to Macao: 160 EUR/day

From Macao to UAlgarve: 120 EUR/day


B) Travel

Travel Distances


From Macao to UAlgarve

(8000km or more)


*The financial support for 'distance travelled' is the maximum allowed by the Erasmus+ programme and is intended to contribute to round-trip travel between the home and host institutions.


C) Insurance

Every selected applicant will receive a health, accident and travel insurance valid during the entire mobility period provided by Universidade do Algarve.


More Information

About the UALG ALLIANCES 2018 project:


Information and Support

University of Algarve

Contact person: Mr. Joel Guiomar



Global Exchange Office, City University of Macau

Contact person: Christy Feng


Tel: +853 85902719