Semester Exchange Programme

Programme description

Semester Exchange Programmes aim to provide students with the opportunity to study at CityU Macau partner institution (exchange institution) for one semester without being required to pay extra tuition fees. Students will pay the regular CityU Macau tuition fee during exchange period and are required to choose courses that are similar to or related to their major at CityU Macau.




  • Full-time students with a commendable record in terms of academic performance and disciplinary conduct.
  • Undergraduate students must have completed at least one year of studies at CityU Macau before departure.
  • Postgraduate students must have completed one semester at CityU Macau before departure.
  • Proficiency in English as required by both CityU Macau and the exchange institution.
  • Any particular criteria established by the faculty and the host institution, if applicable.


Application Process

  1. Identify your preferred exchange programmes (up to 3 programmes as maximum application) and review the respective requirements.
  2. Consult with your course director for advice on course selection and credit transfer.
  3. Submit the exchange application by clicking on an online application link for course pre-enrollment and documents upload.
  4. Receive confirmation of your application result by email.
  5. Fill in the relevant form/online application of the exchange institution (based on the requirements of different partner institutions).
  6. Receive an offer from the exchange institution
  7. Prepare your departure



Selection Process

1. Initial Selection


Prospective applicants for the semester exchange programme must submit their personal details and required documents through the application link on the Office of Global Affairs website before the deadline.

  • "City University of Macau Exchange Student Recommendation Form" (please click to download) Two copies, each completed by two different referees, with handwritten signatures. (File requirement: PDF file, naming format: Chinese Name - Recommendation Form 1)
  • Proof of all grades received from the University up to the present time, which can be captured in the TronClass system, and the cumulative points must be visible. Office of Global Affairs will verify the information in the TronClass system. (File requirements: Picture or PDF file, naming format: Chinese Name - Transcript Proof)
  • Personal CV in Chinese or English. (File requirement: PDF file, naming format: Chinese Name - Resume)
  • Additional supporting documents, e.g., personal statement, personal award achievements , certificates, scholarships, etc. (Document requirements: PDF file, naming format: Chinese name - document type)


Office of Global Affairs will assess and score the submitted materials based on authenticity, presentation, and content richness. Applicants will be ranked according to their total score, with top candidates proceeding to the interview stage.


Principles for Evaluating Applicants' Materials:

  • The authenticity of the submitted materials.
  • The neatness and format of submitted materials.
  • The depth and quality of the content presented in the submitted materials.


2. Interview

The interview will last 5-10 minutes and will primarily be conducted in English. It aims to understand the student's willingness, purpose, motivation, and study plan for the exchange program. Applicants are advised to prepare thoroughly for the interview.

Interviews will be scheduled progressively starting from the first week of April 2024.