Join us! CityU Global Summer Institute introduces new courses for learners world wide

City University of Macau is proud to announce the establishment of the Global Summer Institute (GSI) and its first batch of programs to all students, teaching and administrative staff from both domestic and overseas higher education institutions, and industrial professionals. Through leveraging Macao’s unique multicultural background and its role as a bridge for global exchanges, GSI provides an interactive and exchange platform for global learners with differentiated learning opportunities to experience campus culture through activities both inside and beyond classrooms, enhancing summer learning experiences and allowing students to broaden their horizons through immersive learning in Macao.



“Learn remotely · Stay vibrantly · Become internationally.” GSI carries out its mission through services in teaching and training, cultural exchange, and global societies. Located in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, it caters to international needs and serves societies through practical education and a diverse range of programs, helping learners broaden their horizons.


GSI provides personalized and systematic, exploratory, and academic professional courses, allowing learners to deeply engage in cultural experiences, practical learning, immersive learning, and career planning. Leveraging the strengths of nine faculties, the institute offers 27 summer programs covering areas such as big data, artificial intelligence, finance, wealth management, business, Chinese-Portuguese cultures, arts, design innovation, international relations, social work, English, Portuguese, and cultural industries. All courses are taught by a reputable, international faculty team, with a focus on outcome-based learning and incorporating interdisciplinary fields and cross-cutting features.

GSI invites students from domestic and international universities, colleges, and vocational schools, as well as teaching and administrative staff and industrial professionals, to join the programs. The institute also offers bespoke programs to fulfill the specific needs and interests in learning, future academic development, and career planning. The institute also offers tailor-made programs to cater to specific needs and interests in learning, future academic development, and career planning.

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Please feel free to contact Ms. Wang at the International Training and Testing Center for details.

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  • Phone number: (853) 8590 2233

We are excited for your participation! Let’s spend an unforgettable and rewarding summer together in Macao.