Announcement of Selection Result - UGR Erasmus+ Program Staff Mobility for Teaching Staff and Administrative Staff

Global Exchange Office have received 3 teaching staff and 1 administrative staff applications for this mobility program. The selection process is divided into two parts, materials review and comments from the Dean of Faculty/Institute. The evaluation and assessment are based on the criteria of relevance of academic background and merit, motivation letter/research plan, acceptance from the corresponding faculty/department at UGR, language qualifications and etc.


According to the above selection criteria, the following staff were finally confirmed to be the candidates nominated by CityU to take part in the UGR Erasmus+ staff mobility program:





Sabetzadeh Farzad

Teaching Staff

Faculty of Business

Leou Chia Hsin

Teaching Staff

Institute for Research on Portuguese-speaking Countries

Ieong Yee Man

Administrative Staff

Faculty of International Tourism and Management


Thank you for your attention!


Global Exchange Office